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Strandum HR is a dynamic innovative software development company with a total focus on delivering “Best in Class” software solutions to meet the exacting needs of an organisation’s HR department. Strandum is 100% privately owned and all product research, development, support and maintenance is conducted from its headquarters in Blanchardstown, Dublin, Ireland. Strandum’s organisation structure consists of the Chief Executive Officer, and a senior management team of the Director of Finance & Administration, Sales Director and the Chief Technology Officer who has the responsibility for the software development team, product testing team and the company’s business analysts.


To promote and support the enrichment and continual development of employees lives through their place of work.  To achieve this with an environmental and community focused conscience whilst delivering on meaningful business objectives for both Clients and Strandum.


To develop and promote a working community for both clients and Strandum employees where the culture is based on respect and care together with a genuine desire to help each other achieve the best outcomes possible.

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