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Learning & Development Software

Learning and Development Software

Strandum’s Learning & Development Software will enable employers to reduce the administration effort of managing the employee development and training needs throughout the organisation

The Learning & Development Software will help to manage training organisations (both internal and external), create a course catalogue, schedule courses and allocate space on each course to specific employees. This ensures that key staff maintain the appropriate up-to-date qualifications necessary for their roles. Course attendees may provide feedback on the attended course.

Self Service
Employees can be empowered to request their own training, and to even express interest in courses that have not been scheduled. This helps generate the training need and allows the administrators access to pertinent information when scheduling training

LMS eLearning Software
eLearning can be extremely beneficial for today’s companies as it reduces training costs, allows to rapidly deploy content, and gives the opportunity for employees to learn at their own pace. The Strandum LMS eLearning software is an extension to the Strandum Learning & Development software. The eLearning software allows employees to sign up for and complete online courses directly from the Strandum Dashboard. An extensive list of courses is available from Seamscloud, an LMS eLearning provider. Employees can start and resume the course material at any time, all progress is saved by the system. A test or quick quiz at the end of the course determines if the employee has successfully completed the course.

Performance Management
Competency development has become a strategic focus for most organisations. Linked with Performance Management, this software will help track the competency development of all employees.

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