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Leave Management Software

Leave Management Software

Leave Management Software allows employees to easily view their available leave and make requests

An automated and fully interactive module within Time & Attendance the Leave Management software is an invaluable tool for the HR team, Managers and Employees.  General rules and employee specific rules surrounding all types of leave requests can be preset in the system.

  • Through their own personal login within MyProfile (employee self service) employees can submit requests for any type of leave including, annual leave, parental leave, maternity leave, compassionate leave or any other type of leave permitted within the rules.
  • The Leave management workflow will send leave requests to the dashboard checklists of all the nominated persons such as line manager and or HR depart.  Following a review of the request the employee will automatically get a system generated email confirming  if their request has been approved or declined. The employee’s leave management folder will be automatically updated.
  • The ability for the HR dept and line managers to view their direct report employees leave status in real time promotes a far greater level of communication, efficiency and cost control. Dashboards and system generated reports will include each employee’s annual entitlements, carry forward days, leave taken, future leave approved, balance of leave remaining etc.  Leave calendars for teams, departments and whole company will quickly let managers view and manage leave requests ensuring that the correct number of employees with appropriate qualifications and authority are available for work.

The administrator has the ability to control which leave types are available to employees to request and to place rules against each leave type. A length of service rule may be used to restrict a leave type from being requested until the employee has been with the company for a minimum duration. A rule on how many days notice must be given before a request is allowed to proceed can be created for each leave type.

For multi-jurisdictional companies, local rules can be preset in the Leave Management module for an unlimited number of different jurisdictions.

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