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How Strandum HR can improve your onboarding workflow process?

With Strandum’s HR software, an automated sequence initiates the steps needed to complete the New Hire process. Workflows are essential components in each of Strandum’s software products. Onboarding HR software streamlines the workflow process and helps employers easily transition new hires. Employers can also receive notifications, send automated emails to employees, and select the people they want to include in the process.

Through the Strandum Dashboard, administrators can stay up-to-date with who’s involved in the onboarding process, schedule a checklist, and integrate custom templates for automated messages. So how does it work? Well, each admin request will automatically generate associated emails and queue entries. The workflow application manages multiple queues for the necessary approvals by managers, HR department, etc. Once the approvals go through each administrator, the new employee receives an email attached with the appropriate documents and contracts. When an employee’s hired they get a welcome email, login ID, and password. It’s so easy!For more information or to see how the system works yourself, contact Standum requesting a demo.

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