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Strandum HR Launches Self-service Mobile APP

Strandum HR Launches Self-service Mobile APP

Helping both employee and managers manage day to day HR related activities

Strandum HR Launches Self-service Mobile APP. Helping both employee and managers.

Strandum HR has launched a new mobile application (APP) to its client base bringing a wealth of functionality to thousands of employees and their managers. The recent Covid-19 crisis is changing our landscape on remote working. Strandum are working to cater for a future where remote working is a necessity.

Clock Time at the touch of a button

With its easy to use interface, mobile users can clock time in seconds (excuse the pun). The app displays all previously clocked hours so employee’s can monitor their time worked.

Leave Balance

Your staff can make requests when it suits them. They can also be informed if team members have approved leave on similar dates.

View Payslips

The mobile app gives the ability to view current and historical payslips.

View Rosters

Staff can view their current and upcoming rosters, giving details of location/role and working times.

Shift Availability Notifications

Struggling to fill a shift? Notify relevant staff that a shift is available to work and they can respond within the application.

Manager Approvals

Approving leave can be performed within the application, with oversight on conflicting absence within a team and leave balances.

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