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Efficient Document Management With Strandum: Enhance Your HR Efficiency Without Extra Fees

Efficient Document Management with Strandum: Enhance Your HR Efficiency Without Extra Fees

Strandum Document Management System interface showing secure and accessible document management features for HR departments.


Today, the business world is rapidly evolving. Consequently, Strandum Document Management has become a pivotal tool in efficient HR operations. Moreover, it offers robust capabilities for storing, viewing, and managing HR documents. This range includes employee handbooks, policy documents, contracts, and disciplinary records. Furthermore, Strandum ensures these documents are not only accessible but also secure and straightforward to manage. In this article, we will explore how Strandum’s Document Management module, provided at no extra cost, is transforming HR departments. Specifically, it streamlines access to documents for both managers and employees alike

Strandum Document Management: A Closer Look

Centralised Document Accessibility

At the heart of Strandum’s Document Management system lies the promise of centralised accessibility. Whether it’s employee handbooks, policy documents, operating manuals, or other critical documents, Strandum ensures they’re always accessible online. This accessibility extends to both managers and employees via MyTeam and MyProfile portals, guaranteeing that the most current versions of documents are available on-demand.

Unparalleled Security and Privacy

Security isn’t just a feature; it’s a foundation. Strandum’s Document Management module comes equipped with comprehensive security measures designed to safeguard both public and private documents. The system provides detailed control over who can access specific documents, allowing HR teams to assign document visibility on a per-document basis. This means that sensitive information, such as employment contracts or disciplinary records, remains protected and confidential.

Empowering the HR Team

The true power of Strandum’s Document Management system is its ability to empower HR professionals. By granting them control over which documents are stored and accessible for each employee’s record, it facilitates a tailored approach to document management. This granular level of control ensures that each employee has access to necessary documents, from contracts to disciplinary records, while also maintaining organisational security standards.

Enhancing Document Management with Strandum: Key Benefits

  • No Additional Fees: Integrated directly into Strandum’s principal module, the Document Management system offers advanced features without extra costs.
  • Ease of Use: Designed with user experience in mind, the system allows for quick uploading, categorisation, and retrieval of documents.
  • Custom Access Controls: Tailor document access permissions to suit the unique needs of your organisation, enhancing both security and efficiency.

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Strandum’s Document Management module represents a paradigm shift in how organisations approach document management within HR. By offering a secure, accessible, and easy-to-use system without additional fees, Strandum not only simplifies document management but also propels HR departments towards greater efficiency and effectiveness. Embrace the future of HR document management with Strandum and unlock the full potential of your organisation’s HR practices.

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