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Improve Your Workflow Process With The Best Onboarding HR Software

Improve Your Workflow Process with the Best Onboarding HR Software

Improve your workflow process with the best onboarding HR software in Ireland. Strandum HR enables you to streamline time-consuming tasks and facilitates smooth workplace interactions. With an effective workflow management system, you’ll never have to worry about missing a critical step of the process. You may be asking yourself, what’s the point and why does this matter? Well, it matters quite a bit. 

Voltedge, is a leading human resources consultancy based in Dublin , recently published an article detailing new legal requirements for employee contracts. Recent changes in legislation require employers to present employment contracts within a specific time frame. According to Voltedge Management, “employers must now give a prospective employee either a letter of offer or a full contract within 5 days of commencing employment.”

Before we get into the specifics, let’s answer some important questions to improve your workflow process:

How is onboarding connected to the New Hire workflow process?

The onboarding process helps train new employees and teaches them about their role within an organisation. During the New Hire workflow process, you can start onboarding a new employee before they enter the workplace. With a workflow management system, you can effectively handle every step of the onboarding process. This saves your organisation valuable time because you won’t be waiting for manually signed and approved contracts. It also eliminates human error.

Which problems can arise during the onboarding process?

Essentially, onboarding workflows transfer information from one department to the next in a series of steps. Every step is important and should be carefully considered. However, there are a lot of problems that can occur. Manually recording the onboarding process results in a higher chance for human errors like incorrect data and information. And if employers need to issue contracts within 5 days, this can be frustrating and tricky to avoid. 

Checkpoints, admin approvals, and input tasks are critical to the onboarding process. So ensuring that steps are not missed or skipped can be very difficult and time-consuming. This is why onboarding checklists are necessary to keep track of each step. However, it’s risky to rely on paper-based checklists to keep your onboarding process steps organised. 

What’s the easiest way to create a workflow diagram?

A workflow diagram captures the visual steps included in the complete process. So, how do you create a basic workflow diagram? To start, you need to identify a repeated process that occurs in your organisation. Then, select a name for this repeated process. For example, “New Hire Training” or “Employee Leave Requests”. After you choose a title, you need to identify the start and end points of the workflow process. Then, draw out each step that’s included. To give you an idea of what it looks like, here’s a simple leave management workflow diagram:  Improve-workflow-process-

Issuing Employee Contracts:

If you don’t have a New Hire contract or can’t get one organised quickly, you can create an offer letter with the basic legal requirements. This includes “the 5 core terms”: 

  1. Name of Employee and Employer
  2. Address of Employer
  3. Expected duration of the contract (if fixed-term or temporary)
  4. Rate and Method of calculating pay
  5. Expected length of working day and week

Then, you can follow up with a full legal contract when you have it completed.

How Strandum HR can improve your onboarding workflow process?

With Strandum’s HR software, an automated sequence initiates the steps needed to complete the New Hire process. Workflows are essential components in each of Strandum’s software products. Onboarding HR software streamlines the workflow process and helps employers easily transition new hires. Employers can also receive notifications, send automated emails to employees, and select the people they want to include in the process.

Through the Strandum Dashboard, administrators can stay up-to-date with who’s involved in the onboarding process, schedule a checklist, and integrate custom templates for automated messages. So how does it work? Well, each admin request will automatically generate associated emails and queue entries. The workflow application manages multiple queues for the necessary approvals by managers, HR department, etc. Once the approvals go through each administrator, the new employee receives an email attached with the appropriate documents and contracts. When an employee’s hired they get a welcome email, login ID, and password. It’s so easy! For more information or to arrange a demonstration, contact Strandum.

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